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A Recap of Alpha Week 2021

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

This year provided new problems that the fraternity has never faced before due to the presence of COVID-19. This virus has forced chapters to find new ways to successfully execute our old traditions; however, with the spirit of perseverance and determination, we were able to successfully conduct our Annual AlphaWeek from January 18th to 22nd with the theme being Black 90s Sitcoms.


We kicked off our Alpha Week with theDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Vigil. This event looked different from years prior as we could not congregate physically.However, we were still able to replicate a wonderful tribute through our computer screens. A special shout to Bro. Chaz Howard for his moving words at this event.


The first program we had was our"Martin" event, which covered the topic of Code Switching and Imposter Syndrome. The conductors of this event, Bro. Damas and Bro. Dowling used the different characters that Martin has played to speak on the different faces black people have to put on for the professional world.


Our second event was a "Family Matters"event that was conducted by Bro. Owusu and Bro. Ellis. This event centered around the theme of Black families and how they are diverse and strong in their own ways, while also speaking on the effect this has on black children and their development.


The final event was held by Bro. Maloney andBro. McKnight and carried the theme of "A Different World." Here, we focused on providing helpful information for freshmen to help them get acclimated to their new environments.The event’s focus was to provide helpful information on study habits, tips for virtual classes and how to get settled once campus opens up.

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